Monday, February 2, 2009

The Scrapbook Album of the Year!

The Scrapbook Album of the year goes to:......KATHRYN!
This is Kathryn 1st nomination and 1st OSCAR Win!

The critics response:

"This is a wonderful book." "This is funny me and Sophia in the swing." "I wasn't taking a snack." says, sLc CouSin Lindsay

"SWEEET! Ahhh! The Book is called Lindsay's because everyone has it as their last name." says, SlC cousin Ryan (can a cousin have the name Ryan next time)

Aunt Kathryn did a wonderful job putting together a scrapbook of our Families Camping Trip. Kathryn made this book for Mom and sent a copy to her. I can't believe she did this online. If you haven't already seen it; here is another look at our Camping Trip scrapbook.

This is the reason for her win. She took photo's from the Campout and slipped them into each page and then added the comments. Wow! She choose the best pages to fit the theme of camping. She didn't have to cut any of the extra emblishes. No one has ever done this before. A clean Oscar sweep. There is no doubt she is the winner.


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Kath said...

Ahhhh! I'm so honored. Thanks Melissa :) Digital Scrap-booking is the only way to go!!!!!